LEGACY4HUMANITY is a collection of songs (soul, R&B, rap, and pop) with deep messages about and for humanity. Inspired by the lack of humanity and kindness in our society, own painful and difficult life experiences, challenges, obstacles, and struggles. This album is a memoir divided into 13 inspiring, eye-opening, and empowering chapters.

It all started in spring 2022 with the soulful song 80 Million People, Lily Amis feat.Thir13een. The idea was to raise awareness about Lily's online petition HumanityB4Nationality. A petition for better rights for refugees regarding integration and education. The song was released only one day before the war outbreak in the Ukraine. And the follow-up rap song Blood is Always Red was actually recorded in the same week.

Lily Amis is fascinated by the power of song lyrics. She was never a fan of long books and chose to write short stories already after writing her memoir Destination Freedom, also known as The Stolen Years in Zurich. Which was the inspiration for the pop track The Stolen Years and the follow-up soul song The Three of Us in December 2022.

The musical journey continued in 2023 when Lily wrote the rap song YoYo & Chess inspired by her own experiences with people who toy with our lives. In May 2023 Lily wrote the pop song SIMA for her loving mother and all sacrifising and independent mothers worldwide.

The next track was the first release of three connected songs. The soulful track Tasteless Breakfast was released in July. A beautiful track with a clear message about the lack of humanity in our society.

My Mission and My Vision were the follow-up songs. While My Mission is kind of a Gospel track, My Vision has an oriental touch with a message about unity for all religions.

Lily wasn't planning to release another track in 2023, With the horrifying events in the Middle East in October she was emotionally forced to release her song The Miracle of Music earlier than planned. It is a beautiful pop song about the power of lyrics and the miracle of music, in spired by one of her short stories and Lily4Refugees Ambassadors Lennon.

In January 2024 Lily released her uplifting and empowering pop track Ping Pong & Puzzle. A very personal song after The Stolen Years, The Three of Us, and SIMA.

In February 2024 HOMETOWN was born. A harmonious duet, blending voice and words in a symphony of emotion. The last track on the Legacy4Humanity Album is the anti-war and anti-mainstream media rap song BOWLING. Like YoYo & Chess and Ping Pong & Puzzle, BOWLING is a song about people who play with people. It's about the game of life.

The Album Legacy4Humanity includes 13 AMAZING tracks: 6 soul/R&B, 4 pop, and 3 rap songs. A collection of songs that reflect our time and society like no other song titles before.

"Lily Amis and Thir13eens journey began with 80 Million People, a heartfelt dedication to refugees across the globe. This track not only reflects the struggles and resilience of displaced individuals but also serves as a powerful reminder of the human stories behind the statistics. It set the tone for their partnership, one grounded in deep empathy and a desire to make a difference through music."
Review by British A&R and Journalist

"In the hands of Lily Amis and Thir13een, a simple song becomes an anthem for the displaced, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human soul. Let its melodies wash over you like a gentle tide, carrying you to shores of empathy, and understanding, and ultimately ... home."
Review by Italian Music Journalist

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