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TIMELINE 2005 - 2024

2005: When I self-published my memoir the first time in English and in German, I've contacted several people worldwide to bring awareness about the refugee issues when it comes to education and employment but NO ONE cared to support my project.

2015: A decade later refugees have become a global responsibility, and it is our duty to find an international and humanitarian solution. It is our duty to give them stability, security and a future with possibilities and opportunities.

August 2021: I have decided that it is time for CHANGE. And despite my reservation about starting a petition in this challenging times that everyone is facing everywhere, I've started HUMANITY BEFORE NATIONALITY. Please visit my petition page to support the refugees! The petition is available in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish and will be extended until August 2022!

February 2022: My song 80 Million People! is dedicated to all the voiceless refugees worldwide! Six months have passed ever since I've started my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality. Unfortunately only 40 people have signed it to this date. So now Im hoping that the miracle of music and the power of lyrics will make people understand the refugees misery.
After writing song lyrics for over a decade, I have finally released my first song. The following press release was sent out to 500+ news websites, TV & Radio, Trade/Industry, national and International News sites to bring awarness about my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality as well as to the song and its message to the world!

March 2022: My second song Blood is always red! was not suppose to be released until May 2022, but the lyrics are powerful and my way of showing my support with the innocent people in war zone! I cant believe that only two days after my song release 80 Million People! a new war (probably the third war war in Europe) has started! However this is a global song because unfortunately war, discrimination and racism are ruling our world! The offical press release in German went out on 2.3.22!

May 2022: Lilys Ambassadors - Lilys Botschafter - Worldwide Release - 22.5.22 in English and German!

I have tried everything in my power to make my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality successful, but it has been very challenging to get signatures. Not necessarily because people don t care about the right of refugees, but mainly because they have lost their trust in our governments. Most people that I have contacted or spoken to, have a negative view of online petitions because of our world leaders, lawmakers, governments, and co. Releasing my book Lilys Ambassadors , in German Lilys Botschafter is my final initiative before the petition ends in July 2022.

Lilys nine Ambassadors are Lucky, Lovely, Lucie, Lemon, Leonardo, Laila, Ludwig, Louise, and Lennon. The adorable story tellers were born during and after the lockdown in 2020 and 2021. Everything began with Lucky. Meanwhile, eight more enchanting characters are sharing their amusing and inspiring life stories with important messages. Integration, Acceptance, Tolerance as well as anti-discrimination, anti-racism, anti-bullying, friendship, humanity, empathy, and education are the most powerful topics in this entertaining book for children from eight to adult readers.

June 2022: My petition letter to EU Commission is on the way to Brussels. If you like to read the open letter in full lenght, please visit my BLOG!

July 2022: Petition answer from Brussels! If you like to read the answer from the EU Commisssion, please visit my BLOG!

August 2022: On August 4th, I have released my third song project THE STOLEN YEARS, Lily Amis featuring Thir13een. "THE STOLEN YEARS" is inspired by my memoir The Stolen Years in Zurich , also known as DESTINATION FREEDOM.

It is a reminder for everyone that we should never ever allow others - in our case the awful refugee law - to take control over our life and life choices. Life is short and precious, and we should be aware of that every single day! Remind yourself, every single day, that life is precious. Remind yourself, every single day, that time is priceless. Don t take anything or anyone in life for granted. Stay truthful and loyal to your own needs and desires. Don t allow anyone to take control of your life and life choices!

November 2022: On November 22th I have released my fourth song project THE THREE OF US, Lily Amis featuring Thir13een. THE THREE OF US is the follow up story of my previous song The Stolen Years and inspired by my memoir The Stolen Years in Zurich , also known as DESTINATION FREEDOM.

The song is a reminder that regardless of how helpless and lonely we feel, we are never alone. God is always there. He is watching over us. He is protecting us! And even when we can t see or feel his presence, we should thank him every single day and never lose our faith! I believe many people will relate to the lyrics, even though it is our story.

November 2022: A special christmas gift for my German readers! In May 2022 we have released LILYS AMBASSADORS, in German LILYS BOTSCHAFTER. ONE book with nine inspiring stories about integration, education, acceptance and tolerance. Now three of our adorable ambassadors are available as Audibook / Hörbuch, thanks to an incredible GERMAN narrator DIRK JACOBS, has given my little Lily4Refugees Ambassadors LUDWIG, LENNON AND LEONARDO his beautiful voice.

January 2023: In May 2022 we have released LILYS AMBASSADORS. ONE book with nine inspiring stories about integration, education, acceptance and tolerance. Now three of our adorable ambassadors are available as Audibook, thanks to a lovely American Narrator. Sharda Laskowski has given my little Lily4Refugees Ambassadors LOVELY, LUCIE AND LAILA her beautiful voice.

In July 2020 we have released LUCKY - FROM ZERO TO HERO. And in September 2020 LUCKY - VON NIEMAND ZUM HELDEN. Lucky was our first Lily4Refugees Ambassador and is very precious to us. Thats why I have decided to do the storytelling in English and German myself. The two audiobooks are available in all audiobook shops. I hope you enjoy the fun story.

February 2023: YOYO & CHESS is my fifth song project with british singer and producer Thir13een. For centuries, the universal key to ultimate happiness and success is liberty. Therefore, anyone, and I literary mean anyone can relate to my song YOYO & CHESS. From Royalties and refugees to ordinary and celebrities.

We all are part of a game, ruled by Godless rulers (evils) who make our life a living hell. They stop us from improving and growing and if we don t fight back and stand up for our beliefs and goals, we will never be able to live a life of liberty.

July 2023: TASTELESS BREAKFAST is my seventh collaboration with the talented producer, composer, and singer Thir13een. I hope to raise and spread awareness with this beautiful soul track about inhumanity. Thanks to incapable world leaders and governments Homelessness, Hunger, and the refugee crises have become normality in our shallow society. BUT none of these awful issues should be ignored and tolerated any more and any longer!

February 2024: HOMETOWN is my twelve collaboration with Thir13een. A song dedicated to everyone who feels unwelcomed, exluded, lost and lonely in a foreign country far away from home and family. This is our first track ever that we mix the German and English language.

March 2024 : BOWLING is an anti war and anti mainstream media song. The lyrics speak for themselves. No need for more explanation!

LEGACY4HUMANITY ALBUM is a collection of songs (soul, R&B, rap and pop) with deep messages about and for humanity. Inspired by the lack of humanity and kindness in our society, own painful and difficult life experiences, challenges, obstacles and struggles. This album is a memoir divided in 13 inspiring, eye-opening and empowering chapters.

"Lily Amis and Thir13eens journey began with 80 Million People, a heartfelt dedication to refugees across the globe. This track not only reflects the struggles and resilience of displaced individuals but also serves as a powerful reminder of the human stories behind the statistics. It set the tone for their partnership, one grounded in deep empathy and a desire to make a difference through music.” Review by British A&R and Journalist

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