Read My Mind - Spring issue 2017
Teddy & Lily
Lily Amis Story (2 in ONE)
Thank you letter from Prince Harry
Thank you letter from Kensington Palace
A reflection of our society
My inspirational Interview partners 2016
My Confession of a Writer 2015
My The UK Songwriting Contest 2015
nasSima Costume design History
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Interviewed by American Blogger Carol
Interviewed by American Blogger Angel
Interviewed by British Blogger Elaine
Interviewed by Script Alchemy
Interviewed by Female First British Magazine
Interviewed by Frost Magazine UK
Interviewed by The Mirror UK UK-Lily about Calais
Interviewed by The Mirror UK-Lily about war
Interviewed by Female First UK-Lilys 10 Facts
Review for Americas Royal Family
Review for Bon Voyage
Review for Destination:Freedom
Review for Angel of Hope & Lily - Lily Amis Books (Memoir-Children-Fiction-Short Stories)

Nominated Multi-Genre Author Lily Amis writes & publishes books for children and adult based on true life stories that inspire readers. Print Book & E-book titles such as: "Destination:Freedom" (the first part of a trilogy) and "Definition of Freedom" (the second part) and "Angel of Hope & Lily featuring Monsieur Jac Couture", "Angel of Love & Lily", "Little Lily", "Bon Voyage, Monsieur Jac & Lily travel to Europe", "America's Royal Family", "Lily Amis Short Stories part 1", "Teddy & Lily", "History Reloaded - Shit happens..." and "Birdy & Fishy" are available on Amazon & E-Books are also available on Barnes & Noble, Gardners, Apple, Scribd, Kobo and more.

Whatever Lily Amis writes, whether it is her memoir "The Lily Amis Story", her children’s books or song lyrics, all her work have one thing in common: The stories are based or inspired by true stories.

The following books are in progress and will be available in 2017/2018: "Leo & Mousi", "Bunny & Turtle", "Swan & Goose", "God & Lily - The secret of Life", "The colours of Hope", "nasSima design history, 15 years jubilee", "Lily Amis Short Stories part 2", "Monsieur Jac in Love", "Planet nasSima design", "Santa City" and "Definition of Love".

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