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Our author’s mind says: Why am I doing          And my message to our readers is: Please
this when no one cares? But our author’s        don’t forget that the author is a person
heart says: Keep on writing. The day will       who's trying to be seen in the world. Your
come when readers appreciate your work          short review can be life changing for
and you will be rewarded.                       independent authors. Often the only way to
                                                be noticed in the book world is to have
Well, as long as indie authors offer their      reviews and ratings! Catch 22. You don't get
work for free this won’t happen! Nothing        the reviews unless people read the reviews
good in life is free! So, these are my two      and take a chance on the book!
explanations why readers don’t write a
review. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not             Next time you download an e-book or buy a
defending them. I’m just trying to explain      print book, please remember to say THANK
their point of view. Me personally, I feel      YOU to the author afterwards. If you don’t
that not writing a review after reading an      have much time at least score the book
entire book is unkind and disrespectful. I      with stars! But if you have the time, please
believe that readers let the authors down       leave a helpful comment for other readers.
instead of encouraging them to continue         If you liked the book let the author know.
their path.                                     Your review is your way of applauding the
                                                author. Constructive criticism is also
My explanation for the lack of review-          accepted and appreciated.
support so far was that readers just don’t
know and don’t care because they got it for     Speaking of criticism, if you didn’t like what
free or only $0.99, until I had a wake-up call  you read, please don’t attack the book or
recently. Someone emailed me and said I         the author in your review. You are entitled
read your book and l would like to review it,   to have an opinion. But remember that
but I don’t know how! Wow! That took me         everybody is different with different tastes.
by surprise! So maybe the reason why            Just because you didn’t like the book it
readers don’t leave a review is not because     doesn’t mean that it was a bad book.
they don’t care or don’t appreciate our         Leaving negative reviews or insulting the
work, but just because they don’t know          author with a one-star review is just rude
how they should do it. This would explain       and unkind. Please respect the time and
so much.                                        effort an author invested in his/her baby.

Therefore, I have prepared a “Review            Please remember to say THANK YOU to the
Guideline” with screenshots. It explains        author of your current book! Leave a review
where you should go on Amazon and               on the website where you purchased your
Smashwords and proceed with the review          book, but also on author platforms such as
process. It is very simple and fast.            Goodreads and Amazon! Thank you very
                                                much for your kindness and support.
So, my message to my fellow authors is:         Remember being kind is a God given
Please don’t sell yourself short. You have      blessing. When you give love, you get back
spent hours, weeks, and months on your          love! When you support others, others
baby. Why do you give your baby away for        support you! Kindness doesn’t 9cost
free?                                           anything!
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