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                                      By Lily Amis

         Lily Amis                    Reviews are a delicate topic for authors, especially
The mind-opening Mind                 for independent authors. Not one day goes by where
                                      I don’t see a fellow author posting on Facebook and
                                      either complaining about readers lack of review-
                                      support or jumping up and down with joy because of
                                      receiving a 5 star review!

                                      How come? Well I know that each one of us has a
                                      busy schedule and that we all have our daily
                                      responsibilities and priorities, but saying THANK YOU
                                      is the least we can do. So why not saying THANK YOU
                                      to an author, who has taken us away from our daily
                                      life for a while? We have spent hours with the author.
                                      We were either educated, inspired, encouraged, or
                                      entertained. Right? Why else do we read books? So
                                      why don’t readers say THANK YOU to us authors?

                                      My explanation so far was that readers don’t know
                                      how important and helpful it is to give a short
                                      feedback, or that they just don’t care! Short and

                                      Indie authors often offer their hard work for FREE or
                                      only $0.99! Which is, in my opinion, a huge mistake
                                      and a separate topic for itself. If you get something
                                      for free you don’t appreciate it as much as if you pay
                                      for it. This speaks for all kinds of products or services
                                      and not only for books. Authors don’t value their
                                      hard work when they offer it for free. So why should
                                      the reader value it? How should readers know how
                                      extremely hard and challenging it is to keep on
                                      writing, when you feel you're getting nowhere with
                                      your books as an indie author? How should they
                                      know that it is a daily struggle for us authors?


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