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That’s what life is about really; self-education   I take my way of seeing, feeling, and thinking
and making progress. I searched the internet       things, people. and happenings for granted;
for short and long term courses and found          that’s the way I am. I didn’t realize this until I
several interesting and promising online           read in this book that not everyone sees, feels,
schools in the United Kingdom, America and         and experiences things, people and life the
Germany. I was very unsure which one I should      same way as authors do.
choose because language is an issue for me.
German is my second mother language, but I         When Natalie Goldberg explains how writers
have to admit I enjoy writing in English more,     should see, feel, and write, that’s the moment
even though it is my fourth language.              when one realizes whether she or he is a writer
                                                   or not. Imagine my surprise when I realized
I was about to sign up for a writing class in      that I am actually a born writer even without
Hamburg (Germany), but then I decided not to.      taking professional writing classes. I always
I felt that I wouldn’t be able to commit my        thought my destiny made me become an
time fully for a year or two. And I always say if  author. But in fact, I was a writer by nature
you do something do it right or don’t do it at     from a young age. I didn’t read any chapter in
all. Be in it whole heartedly or leave it! To be   this book that made me say: Oh wow, I had no
honest, the payment was an issue as well. So, I    idea; or, oh wow, that’s the way I should think
changed my mind and asked a fellow Indie           and work. All the topics that Natalie Goldberg
author for advice. She is studying writing for     thematised and explained in short chapters are
years and I have no doubt that she will be as      my daily life. The way I think, decide, feel, and
successful with her screen writing as she is       act as a human being and as an author.
with her books.
                                                   So therefore, if you are unsure about your
Bibiana recommended a few great books and I        writing skills and your writing path, give this
decided to do kind of a home-schooling             book a read and find out for yourself! Discover
without the pressure of being a part-time          yourself and find out if you are really an author.
student again. After all, I’m an Independent       Because if you don’t feel and see things the
author and nothing is more precious and            way she has brilliantly explained, you might be
priceless than being independent.                  not a writer after all. You may have to re-think
                                                   your path!
I began to read Writing Down the Bones by
Natalie Goldberg. It is a middle-sized book and
has sold over one million copies. It has been
translated into twelve languages. Author
Natalie Goldberg has given seminars in writing
for thirty years and every chapter in this book
is short but on point.

While I was reading the first chapters I
understood that how I see and feel certain
things are the way authors should see and feel


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