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                                      YOU ARE AN AUTHOR?

                                      By Lily Amis

       Lily Amis                      How many times have you asked yourself if what
The Mind-opening Mind                 you’re doing is right? How many times did you think
                                      you would stop writing because this path is going
Read My Mind – The Best of Lily Amis  nowhere as an Indie author? People just don’t realize
                                      how extremely challenging and sometimes emotionally
                                      exhausting it is to work as an Indie author.

                                      This year I joined many author groups on Facebook and
                                      almost all Indie authors I got to know better are
                                      complaining about the same problems. The lack of
                                      sale, the lack of support from readers who don’t realize
                                      how important it is to write reviews, etc. It’s a long list
                                      of complaints and disappointments.

                                      The question is: Why do we keep writing and
                                      publishing books if it only makes us miserable? Why
                                      are we taking the time to write our deepest thoughts
                                      and experiences? Why do we create fictive characters,
                                      fictive places, and fictive stories? What expectations
                                      do we have? Are we writing for the money? Are we
                                      writing it to get noticed as a creative human being? Are
                                      we writing to prove ourself to us or to others?

                                      If someone had told me years ago that one day I would
                                      call myself an Indie author, I would have laughed loud
                                      and said: What? Me? You must be kidding! I always
                                      saw myself as a PR manager, graphic designer, but
                                      surely not as an author. Well, life always surprises us.
                                      My destiny and my personal struggles for almost three
                                      decades as a former war refugee and foreigner in
                                      Europe made me become an author. It was really kind
                                      of a self-therapy. I never had any writing classes except
                                      the few during my public relations studies a couple of
                                      years ago. But writing in PR is mainly about writing
                                      press releases, articles, etc. and not about literature
                                      and the art of writing.

                                      Last year I was seriously considering taking a literature
                                      class to bring my writing skills to a professional level.6
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