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THE IDEA BEHIND THE                           If we are honest with our mind and our
 TITLE “READ MY MIND”                          heart - which is not always easy - nothing
 AND THE MAGAZINE                              and, I mean nothing and no-one, can stop
 COVER                                         us from our personal missions.

 Our mind is the most personal and private     None of us is perfect. We all have our
 treasure we have. We all have opinions and    strengths and weakness. We all should
 thoughts based on our life’s experiences.     train our minds to focus on our strengths
 People see us and hear us talk, but they      and our passions and not torture our
 don’t always know what we really think or     minds with our weakness or things that we
 what we really feel!                          don’t like. We shouldn’t listen to other
                                               people’s opinions and let them brainwash
 And yet here we are naming our magazine,      our minds with negativity. The sooner we
 “Read My Mind”. Why? Because, we are          learn who we are and what we are good at,
 here to share our honest and most personal    the sooner we find the right road to drive.
 thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with     Many of us have lost precious life time, in
 our readers.                                  our twenties or even thirties, because of
                                               life’s circumstances and expectations by
 The human mind is the body’s hard disk.       society. But, it is never too late to turn in
 The human’s heart is the body’s electricity.  the right direction.
 Unfortunately, most humans take
 everything for granted. But, think about all  At the end of the day, we all know that
 the knowledge we treasure in our minds.       nothing is permanent. And the only thing
 Day by day we are overdosed with some         that really matters is that we have peace of
 useful, but mostly useless, information. We   mind. You cannot please everyone and you
 don’t even realize how much information       know what? You shouldn’t even try. The
 collects in our brain. And we wonder why      only person who you should please is you!
 sometimes we don’t remember something.
 Other times we are surprised about our        For the winter issue we have chosen a
 remarkable ability to find answers or
 remember stuff that we haven’t thought        Christmas decoration in gold baroque,
 about for years!
                                               representing the globe with the focus on
 Our mind is what makes us who we are. Our
 mind is what makes us achieve our goals,      the beautiful angel. We hope that our
 wishes, and dreams! Our mind is the key to
 almost everything in life.                    globe will be protected by God and our

Read My Mind – The Best of Lily Amis           guardian angels through the upcoming

                                               holiday season and the years to come. Our

                                               world is in a difficult place. Watching the

                                               daily news makes it hard to find inner

                                               peace and hope. But we have faith that

                                               everything is going to be OK. Life is a

                                               precious gift that we all should treasure

                                               every single day. So remember to smile, no

                                               matter what!  4
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