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I have to say working on Read My Mind made                       Are you following our
  me learn a lot about myself. I will never                        magazine on Twitter?
  understand why kindness and generosity
  backfires on one in a hurtful way, when you            FYI:
  least expect it and that’s fine. I won’t change my     The language of our magazine is English. But
  trustworthy, honest and supportive way,                as readers, please keep in mind that our guest
  because that’s who I am. The most important            bloggers are international. Every country has
  lesson I learned in the making of each issue has       its own rules regarding the English Language!
  been to stay truthful to myself, my values and         As you know, two of the main themes of this
  my beliefs regardless of the consequences. I also      magazine are diversity and tolerance,
  learned not to care about jealousy. Instead, I         therefore, we the publishers of Read My
  have full compassion for people with lack of           Mind, have given our guest bloggers and
  self-confidence, who throw rocks at things that        interview partners the freedom to be
  shine. A flower does not think of competing to         responsible for their own article’s spelling and
  the flower next to it. It just blooms. Let me use      orthography. For us, the messages, opinions,
  a quote from my book “Teddy & Lily, True               and views of the articles are what’s important
  Friendship is Unconditional Loyalty”: “Making          and not where the commas, dots, quotation
  friends is easy, but keeping friends is the            marks, capitalized words are, or aren’t!
  difficult part. Friendship is like a flower. It needs  Honestly, life is too short and time is too
  daily love and care to blossom. If you forget to       precious to make a big fuss about it. Read My
  give it water, the flower dies. It’s as simple as      Mind is a magazine and every article and
  that!”                                                 interview is respected, in the way it is written.
                                                         Thank you for respecting and appreciating our
  I began with blogging in 2016 to mainly                work!
  promote my books. But because of my wide
  field of interest in music, movies and politics my     Publisher, Concept, Head Writer, Layout:
  blog posts became more and more popular.               Lily & Sima Amis at
  With up to 15,000 blog visitors monthly on             Magazine Editor: from across the globe, it        Lily Amis and Jill C Corley Services
  would be crazy not to continue my blogger              Sponsoring & Product Placement:
  magazine. Since March 2017 we had over                 Contact:
  150,000 Read My Mind readers as well. As the
  magazine title says “Read MY Mind”. So I will                                                           3
  continue to write about all kinds of topics like I
  did on my blog and from time to time we will
  feature guest writers/bloggers in the future.

  So please spread your love and make sure that
  everyone knows about “Read My Mind” and our
  future issues. We hope to be able to offer you
  more exciting, entertaining, educating and
  inspiring articles in the upcoming years. Enjoy
  the read!

  Lily & Sima from

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