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A WORD FROM THE                               We started this magazine in spring 2017
PUBLISHER LILY AMIS                           with seven international authors/bloggers
from nasSima design                           from across the globe as a sign of unity
                                              despite distance, different time zones and
These days, thanks to social media making     continents, age, mother language, level of
friends and connecting with people from       education, lifestyle, and life stories.
across the globe has become easy.             However, four authors are no longer part of
                                              the Read My Mind Team. Unfortunately, it
But building friendships based on honesty,    is not everyone’s cup of tea to be fully
loyalty, integrity and respect is the         engaged and committed to such a time-
challenging part. Like in every relationship  consuming project, for which we have full
honesty, trust, love, compassion and          understanding. People come and go. That’s
appreciation are required to cherish one      the hard reality of life! We read a quote
another. Our experience in 2017 has been      somewhere recently and it said: “Be willing
mostly positive.                              to walk alone. Many who started with you
                                              won’t finish with you!”

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