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Book Release in Italy, November 2018 &
Book Fair Event in Rome, December 2018

In summer 2018 I signed a book contract with an      I had the opportunity to present my memoir in the
Italian book publisher in Rome and was happy         capital city of Italy, in bella Rome. On the same day
and proud to have my memoir released on              I also had the chance to give an interview to the
November 15th 2018 in the lovely country of          national radio station “Radio Radicale” along with
Italy. I’m proud to be a self-published author, but  other published authors from my Italian publishing
having a publisher in a foreign country that         house, Armando Editore.
believes in and supports my work and my
mission is a special feeling and a big milestone     The presentation itself at the event wasn’t as easy
and personal achievement in my writing journey.
                                                     as I thought, because everything that I said had to
December 2018 was an exciting month for us. I
have always wanted to do a book fair and was         be translated into Italian and so it was a bit of a
happy to participate at one of my publishing
house events at “Piu Libri, Piu Liberi”.             challenge going back and forth in two different

Read My Mind - Annual Edition 2019                   languages. But thanks to the lovely Maria Sara from

                                                     Armando Editore, who interviewed me, we

                                                     managed to do it well. We talked about my

                                                     childhood in Iran, about the importance of

                                                     education in Iran and my personal experiences as a

                                                     former war refugee in Switzerland.  6
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