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                                    nasSima design

                                    WHAT THE MAGAZINE IS

                                    Read My Mind was born in January 2017. It
                                    used to be an exciting and international
                                    magazine with fresh, educational, and
                                    informative content written by indie
                                    authors and bloggers. We were writing
                                    about new authors, books, movies,
                                    publishing news, and we interviewed
                                    inspiring people and learned about
                                    historical places. This magazine was all
                                    about improving your life and giving you
                                    awesome content that educates &
                                    entertains. In the first year we had
                                    permanent bloggers and in 2018 we
                                    featured guest bloggers. There were three
                                    issues published each year and every issue
                                    was dedicated to one topic.

                                    However, in 2019 we decided to publish this
                                    colorful magazine only once a year. It is now
                                    kind of a review of the entire year and will
                                    inform our readers about our milestones,
                                    both large and small, on our writing and
                                    design journey. We hope you enjoy the new
                                    edition. We also hope our experiences and
                                    views inspire you in your life and on your
                                    writing and blogging journey.


Read My Mind - Annual Edition 2019
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