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During this time, bombs from our enemy kept          At the beginning, the enemy planes only came
coming – the war was horrifying. You never           in the evening. After a while, they came during
know just how scary and horrible war really is       the day too. It didn’t bother me as much during
until you’ve been in the middle of one. The          the day because the sun was shining and the
media show pictures of families and children         bombs were less scary. At night, however, when
who lose their existence within seconds and are      everything was dark and quite, the bombs were
destroyed by war. But it is very much different      terrifying. The enemy’s came up to five times a
when you and your loved ones are directly            day, and every time the power was cut for
affected by it.                                      security reasons. That was very tedious and

Every day, we saw it. I still remember the war       caused even more problems and damage. After
between ASIAcity and our neighbor country and        every attack, the areas that took direct hits
the times of the bombings, very well. We had         looked horrible. I, personally, never saw it with
learned through the media how to behave in           my own eyes but mom did. She later told me
the situation and what precautions to take in        how she saw body parts such as hands and legs
order to be safe. There were two kinds of sirens     hanging from trees. The houses were no longer
keeping track of what was happening before           recognizable as such – it was as if they never
and after an attack. I remember their sounds as      existed. Even schools and hospitals were
if I had heard them yesterday. In the middle of      bombed. Because of that, my school was closed
the dark night we were awakened several times        most of the time. The whole situation was
by incredibly loud and scary sirens. We              becoming unbearable. Many families lost
constantly lived in fear and felt helpless – it was  children, brothers, fathers, husbands in the war,
terrifying! We no longer lived normal lives. To      and the only past-time of many people seemed
us, every day, every hour, every minute and          to be going to funerals.

every second could be the last – and we were         Many times, we were able to see the fire and
oh so conscious of that fact. During the attacks,    hear the people’s screams after the attacks. It
I used to hold mom’s hand crying: “Mommy, I          was alarming because we always knew that it
don’t want to die!”                                  could’ve been us. The only thing left to do was

                                                                 to pray that the horrors would eventually end.
We usually stayed in the living room during the

attacks and sat very close to each other. We         Constantly waking up at night slowly became so
hardly spoke and each of us prayed silently.         tiresome that we built a shelter in our cellar and
Every time a bomb hit the ground, the whole          began to sleep there. Actually, we didn’t sleep
house trembled and we waited for the next,           at all but sat around and waited. The attacks
hoping that no one we knew would be hit. The         and fear of death reminded us again and again
attacks seemed to last forever – they really only    that death was potentially close at hand. We
lasted a few minutes. We were scared of dying        absolutely had to leave!
and even more so of having to live the rest of

our lives as cripples and in pain. We were even (From chapter 4 - A New Papa and the War)
more afraid of losing loved ones, however. I was

terribly scared of becoming an orphan and

having to live in an orphanage. I was hoping to

survive the war or – at least – die together with

  the rest of my family.
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